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About Us

Hey there, we're Em & Tee. We are two mummas (to 4 crazy kids) and we’ve been besties since the times in which dinosaurs were roaming around. We grew up together, we were each other’s Matron of Honour & we even live next door to each other -legit!

We wear so many hats, mums, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, housecleaners, chefs, taxi drivers, wine connoisseurs, referees to crazy kids & more recently ‘Chief Box Makers’ which is totes one of our faves. Point is, we get it- everyone is so incredibly busy these days that it makes gift thinking/shopping/wrapping almost chore like- especially if your trying to source amazing and unique gifts! That’s where we came up with the idea- let us do the hard work & you take the credit- winning!

We love hearing from you & getting to know you so hit us up anytime if you've got any questions or if we can help out. 

So cheers for the love, likes, shares and support, we are so excited you've decided to join us on this rollercoaster ride, wooooohoo